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7 Of The Rarest Medical Conditions You Will Ever See

by Delarno D.
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In this article, you will discover 7 of the top rarest medical conditions ever reported in medical history. From tiny skull with part of BRAIN sticking out to little boy with no eyes, yet enjoy life, you will discover a world of rare diseases that no one would never believe exist.

  1. Teenager Who Collapses Whenever She LAUGHS

They say laughter is the best medicine, but it’s unfortunate that some people cannot laugh whenever they want. They suffer from a medical condition called from cataplexy, and this is the case of Jordan Coomer.

This is a condition where her muscles paralyses when she laughs. Cataplexy is a complication of narcolepsy – a long-term neurological disorder that involves a decreased ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles. She was discovered to have cataplexy right after she was diagnosed of narcolepsy. The condition affects about 22,500 British people and 1 in 2,000 people in the US. The exact cause of narcolepsy is unclear. They say it can be an infection, such as swine flu, hormonal changes such as in puberty and major stress are linked to the onset.

When Jordan was diagnosed with this condition, doctors have recorded her having 20-minute naps every two hours. She is at risk of crumpling to the ground for around half a minute any time she giggles. The brain is conscious but Her body is frozen. This can happen any time of the day, maybe during her class, daily activities or when she is eating.


In an interview Jordan said: ‘Adjusting to the disease has been hard; at first I was very upset and just couldn’t figure out why it had to be me. I have dreams and want to do so much, and to learn that you have a disease that will ultimately affect the rest of your life and what you do was extremely hard.

‘Over time, though, I’ve come to accept it and embrace it.

In January 2017, Jordan has been treated by a pediatric sleep specialist, who told her to wear a watch-like device that would monitor her sleeping patterns, then doctors diagnosed cataplexy a medical condition in which strong emotion or laughter causes a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious.

Jordan now manages her conditions by taking medication which has reduced how much she has to sleep. According to Jordan’s mom, every year at the beginning of school, she personally talks to each one of Jordan’s teachers and let them know about her diagnosis and what to do if she nods off. Her mom added that she is an excellent student and works hard and does everything she wants to do.

Despite of her condition, Jordan is determined to live a normal life just like other teens in her age.

  1. Woman Born with Backwards LegsWoman Born with Backwards Legs

Walking is something most of all take for granted. But for some people it is challenge, and this is the case of Chen Tuanzhi, a Chine woman who was born with legs backwards.

Chen Tuanzhi was born with a very rare genetic condition that makes it impossible for her to walk or move about. Her legs positioned in a shape of a letter L, pointing forward at the knee. Her parents were too poor to cover the treatment cost. They attempted to find help in Taiwan, but the staff denied their request, saying her case was just too unusual.

She, therefore, grew up unable to stand, let alone walk. She’s known in her village as the “Crawling Girl”. But she never gave up on her education. As she grew up, Chen managed to continue her education and now studying to be a social worker.

Chen is a new person now, thanks to funds she received from a relief organization. She underwent under dozens of surgeries. And the result? Success! She can now stand. The next step is walking.

5. Man’ Legs Ballooned to 110lbs Due to Worm InfectionMan’ Legs Ballooned to 110lbs Due to Worm Infection

Like all other men, Shahid Hussain had normal and strong legs until he became infected with a parasitic worm five years ago. The infection caused his legs to have swelled to twice their size, which has which has left him bedridden, thus unable to work. The condition is called elephantiasis.

Elephantiasis occurs when lymphatic system is impaired or obstructed due to a parasite infection resulted from a mosquito bite that transmit the filarial worm. This is not a rare disease. In 2000, there were over 120 million people suffering with Elephantiasis, of which about 40 million were disfigured and incapacitated by the disease.

Hussain’s condition is extreme. His legs have huge circumference, measuring 88.9cm (35inches) around each limb, and weigh an astounding 110lbs, leaving in pain and unable to work and provide to his family. Without a treatment, the legs will continue to swell. He is asking the public and his local authority to support him to pay for a proper treatment. 

  1. Little Girl with No Name disease 

Katie Renfroe is a 9 year old little Girl. She has an unusual oversized brain tumor which has impacted her mobility, thus leaving her unable to walk or talk. This disease is so rare and mysterious that there is no name for it yet. The tumor also causes seizures occasionally.Little Girl with No Name disease

At first, she was diagnosed with Megalencephaly, a condition which causes a child to have an abnormally large, heavy, and usually malfunctioning brain. But as other symptoms emerge, the physician determined Katie has different medical condition which he cannot identify.

In an interview, the mother, Angie, states: “At this point, as far as I know, no one knows anything that is wrong with her. They’ve checked her for dwarfism, they’ve checked her for so many things that I can’t even remember – but everything comes back that she doesn’t have it.”

As of today, Katie’s condition remains unknown and undiagnosed. Her future therapy and prognosis are unknown.

  1. The Boy Conceived with a Tortoise Shell on His Back

Didier Montalvo is a boy from rural Colombia who was born with Giant congenital melanocytic nevus. Normally, the condition is characterized by an abnormally dark, noncancerous skin patch (nevus) that is composed of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes.The Boy Conceived with a Tortoise Shell on His Back

The boy condition is so extreme that a mole grows so large to become like a tortoise shell on his back. Worst, it has moles growing all over his body at an abnormal speed rate. According to the locals, the disease is caused by the devil because Didier was conceived on an eclipse. As a result, he was avoided by other children and banned from the local school.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan, British surgeon Neil Bulstrode heard about Didier’s condition, he decided to help. He travelled to Bogota and surgically removed the mole. Didier was six years old when he underwent the surgery. The operation was a success and the whole mole was removed. Now Didier is living a normal life; he goes to school and plays with other kids.

  1. Baby Born with a Tiny Head and Part of BRAIN sticking

The name of this baby is Ozzie Gordon. He was born with a birth defect called microcephaly which causes him to have a small head and part of his brain sticking out from his misshapen skull. The problem was later fixed with surgical procedure.  The Parents, Omobola and Checotah Gordon, were aware of the potential problem before birth, but they refused an abortion.Baby Born with a Tiny Head and Part of BRAIN sticking

Indeed, When the infant was born, he had his skull and brain not formed properly, which causes brain tissue to bulge outside of his misshaped skull. Since little chance was given for the baby to survive, they were expecting Ozzie to die within his first few days, but he has survived.

Although having many health issues, the parents, Mr and Mrs Gordon, love their baby and call him a ‘miracle’. They are determined to give Ozzie a normal and happy life.

If you have any update on Ozzie condition, kindly share it below.  

  1. Little Boy Born with NoEyes

Christian Buchanan’s condition is called Tessier cleft lip and palate. This is a rare facial deformity that has been recorded 60 times in medical history.

The condition occurs when facial tissues not joining properly during the development of the fetus. It often results in severe facial disfigurement. Sufferers may not be able to eat, speak and see.Little Boy Born with NoEyes

When questioned, the mother, Lacey, states: “His condition was caused by amniotic banding syndrome,” she said. And she also explained that despite speech and learning difficulties, the condition has not stopped the courageous little boy to live a full life.

Lacey also stated: “Christian is a very typical six-year-old little boy. He’s learning to read; he likes to wrestle with his little brother – all the things that any six-year-old would enjoy.”

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