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Tooth Filling Cost and Tips to Prevent Dental Caries

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Tooth Filling Cost and Tips to Prevent Dental Caries

Tooth Filling and Dental Caries

Tooth filling, also known as dental filling, is a common procedure used to restore normal functioning of a tooth affected by dental caries in order to reduce further tooth decay or complete destruction of the diseased tooth. This is a relatively painless treatment which has no complications. However, although tooth filling can reduce the progression of cavity, it is important to avoid everything that can lead to dental problems after the filling.Tipos de caries. No todas son iguales | Clínica Dental Doctores Blanco

Tooth decay, or dental caries, is an oral disease caused mostly by bacterial infection, mainly Lactobacillus and Streptococcus, and characterized by formation of unsightly holes in the tooth. This strain of bacteria is capable of damaging the hard enamel and inner tissues of the tooth leading to its complete destruction if left untreated. Dental caries is a common oral problem affecting millions of people all over the world. Unlike some other medical conditions such as cancer (please see cancereffects.com), however, the disease is not fetal.

Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to avoid painful complications, such as tooth loss, and other medical conditions such heart problems. In fact, dental cavity is the leading factor of tooth loss in children and adults. Once the disease occurs, the best option is early care. When diagnosed at early stages, treatment of cavity involves remineralization of the damaged part. In advanced cases, however, tooth filling is often the ideal option. In this case, the cavity is filled with a filling material to prevent bacteria from entering the hole and reproduce.

When to Consider Tooth Filling?

Tooth filling should be considered from the very moment the cavity is suspected. The fact dental caries causes symptoms only when it affects the nerves of the affected tooth, early treatment can be a little difficult. When finally emerge, the most common cavity symptoms is frequent tooth pain, particularly after consuming sweets, cold and hot food items. Consejos para aliviar el dolor dentalIf you can suspect the disease before any pain, it is important to not delay to receive appropriate care from a dentist. The dentist will inspect the affected tooth and perform diagnostic tests to confirm the caries. In some cases, imaging technique procedures may be performed to examine the extent of the decay. If necessary, the tooth filling will recommended.


Tooth Filling Cost

Tooth filling procedures can vary from one patient to another or depending on the severity of the dental cavity. There are several types of filling; the most common include silver (or amalgam) filling, gold filling, porcelain filling and composite resins. Out of these, gold type is the most durable method and does not react with the gums and adjacent mouth parts. However, silver and gold are easily noticeable and opted for less noticeable areas. With composite and porcelain fillings, the tooth color can be matched with the filling material. Each filling has its own cost. Gold and porcelain fillings are more expensive and can cost up to $ 3000.

Tooth Filling Procedure and Aftercare

The filling will be chosen based on the level of decay, allergic history and budget of the patient. The cavity filling procedure usually involves two primary steps: first step is a cleaning process to get rid of the decayed part of the tooth; the second consists of filling the cleaned cavity with an appropriate filling material. Before the filling, a local anesthesia is delivered to numb the targeted tooth, gum, tongue and remaining mouth parts. The affected tooth part is then removed by using laser or air abrasion technique.

Once the damaged tooth portion is removed, a cleaning work is done to remove remaining bacteria and other adhering residues. After the cleaning, ridges are prepared for perfect fitting of the filling material.Limpieza dental profesional: cuidadosa y eficaz Then, a liner is laid in the affected tooth to overcome sensitivity and also, to promote restoration of the damaged part. Another consideration for deep tooth filling is placing a base material. The last step is introducing the filling material in the cavity.

After all these procedures are done, proper dental care and cavity filling aftercare recommendations should be followed as prescribed by the dentist. Patients may experience minor pain and discomfort after the filling. Other post tooth filling symptoms include sore gums, increased tooth sensitivity to hot or/and cold foods. Do not use these little problems to not consider a tooth filling.  It is found in many recent studies that dental problem can lead to heart disease.  Therefore, dental cavity has more to do than just pain

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